Executive Summary

Unlock Guaranteed Employee Retention with Alexander Executive Search Limited . Are you tired of the traditional recruitment cycle that results in candidates leaving shortly after joining? Discover the transformative power of Alexander Executive Search Limited, where we redefine recruitment through a scientific approach. Our AES® methodology eliminates frustration, risk, and unpredictability, paving the way for guaranteed employee retention.


The Cycle of Recruitment Challenges

The recruitment process often leads to frustration, ineffective hires, and wasted resources. Traditional approaches yield dozens of identical CVs, repetitive interviews, and ultimately, short-lived employee engagements.


Introducing AES® – Your Path to Success


Powered by AES®, our approach ensures success from the outset:

  • Psychometric Analysis: Determine candidate profiles before beginning your search, facilitating informed decisions.
  • Comprehensive Market Search: Our expansive network ensures high-quality candidates that align with your requirements.
  • Candidate-Led Process: Through video interviews and competency assessments, identify the most qualified and committed applicants.
  • Behavioral Analysis: An innovative program for precise candidate differentiation and more accurate decision-making.


96% Candidate Retention – Guaranteed

Our impressive 96% employee retention rate speaks for itself. So confident are we in our approach that we offer up to a 12-month replacement guarantee, depending on role seniority.


Breaking the Vicious Circle

Choosing the wrong candidate can cost your business significantly. AES® ensures your investment is secure, delivering peace of mind and eliminating unnecessary costs.


The Hidden Costs of Indecision

Failed hires often stem from recruitment oversights that could have been prevented. These situations trigger a costly cycle of repeated recruitment and damage your business’s core.


Repairing and Thriving

Investing in AES® not only saves money but also repairs the hidden damage caused by failed recruitment. Improved morale, productivity, and decision-making await.


It’s Time to Act

Each failed hire costs your business substantially. Indecision has a tangible price. Leave the cycle of disappointment behind and embrace the AES® Path.

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