In the realm of executive search and selection, Alexander Executive Search (AES) stands out as an extraordinary firm. Over the last seven years, we’ve reshaped the landscape through cutting-edge technology, Unleashing AES®: Transforming Talent Acquisition for Unprecedented Success garnering praise for our outstanding success rates and guaranteed outcomes Unleashing AES®: Transforming Talent Acquisition for Unprecedented Success.

Our team of dedicated consultants specializes in critical industries of Infrastructure and Construction, employing strategic headhunting and networking techniques to source and place construction professionals for industrial organizations. From Senior Quantity Surveyors to Associate Directors handling responsibilities of up to $300 million, and even board-level placements, our core placements span a wide spectrum.

Here’s what truly distinguishes us:

  1. Unrivaled Candidate Retention: Our refined research process ensures an astounding 96% of our placed candidates remain employed even after a year. Clients consistently praise this retention rate as exceptional compared to other executive search firms.
  2. Thorough Market Mapping: We conduct in-depth “market-mapping,” uncovering all potential target candidates within the industry and sharing fresh, actionable insights with you.
  3. Risk-Free Assurance: We eliminate risk by offering a free replacement service extending to candidates leaving within 12 months.
  4. Curated Shortlists: Our rigorous pre-screening process ensures you receive a select pool of 3-5 candidates perfectly tailored to the role, significantly expediting your hiring process.
  5. AES® System Excellence: Our proprietary AES® system enables swift and efficient review of candidate shortlists. Comprehensive online profiles can be easily shared worldwide, facilitating seamless collaboration with colleagues.
  6. Technical Construction Expertise: Focused on technical roles, we intimately understand your needs and deliver exceptional candidates, often sourced from your competitors.
  7. Global Presence: Our strength extends across the USA and UK markets, reinforced by strategic partners worldwide.

At the core of our unparalleled results is the AES® system—a game-changer in talent acquisition. AES® transcends the conventional CV, delivering comprehensive online profiles featuring:

  • Executive Summary: Crafted by your designated Account Manager, providing role-specific information not found on the CV.
  • Personal Video Introduction: Recorded personally by each candidate, allowing you to form an early first impression.
  • Key Competency Questionnaire: Assists in assessing practical suitability based on critical information you’ve provided.
  • McQuaig Behavioural Assessment: Compares candidates’ drivers with your existing top performers, removing subjectivity from hiring decisions.
  • Competency Benchmark Graph: A visual snapshot for comparing candidates’ strengths in relation to expected salary.
  • Candidate References: Provided upfront, including information from past employers, colleagues, and customers.
  • Key Facts: A snapshot of key candidate facts such as qualifications and awards.
  • Original CV: To round things off, a digital version of the original CV is included.

I invite you to witness AES® in action. Once you experience its capabilities, every other recruitment process will pale in comparison.


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