At Alexander Executive Search, we recognized the need for change in the tired, ineffective recruitment processes that relied on endless CV review and repetitive interviews. We knew there had to be a better way we are now Transforming Recruitment through Proven Methodology and Technology.

We developed a solution – AES.


Combining proven methodology with cutting-edge technology, AES transforms hiring by:

  • Comprehensively assessing candidate competencies, behaviors, and drivers through validated evaluations
  • Benchmarking candidates against your current top talent using predictive analytics
  • Providing an intuitive online platform to easily view and share candidate profiles
  • Offering experienced guidance on candidate selection
  • Ensuring smooth onboarding and transitions

The result? AES de-risks your process and delivers industry-leading retention rates. It’s a complete gamechanger for recruitment and talent acquisition.

Trust the experts at Alexander Executive Search to revolutionize your hiring through AES. Contact us today to learn more about this transformative recruitment solution.