Recruiters often make big promises to win your business – claims of vast networks, low fees, and quick turnarounds. But what’s the reality behind the sales pitch? Here are some secrets recruiters don’t want you to know:


Myth: Recruiters are highly focused on your search.

Reality: Most recruitment work goes unpaid, so recruiters juggle many searches at once hoping a few pay off. You likely get only 20-30% of their attention.


Myth: Recruiters have access to the best candidates.

Reality: Much of recruiting is a numbers game – throwing lots of candidates out there hoping some stick. Quality is often secondary to quantity.


Myth: Recruiters want long-term, successful placements.

Reality: Many placements leave within 12 months, resulting in repeat business and fees for recruiters. There’s little incentive to ensure retention.


The traditional recruitment model is flawed, prioritizing transactions over sustainable results. But our process is changing the game, taking a consultative approach focused on fit and retention and aim to solve three key points:


🌟 Enhanced Employee Retention: Elevate your new employee retention rates to an impressive 96% after just 12 months. Our cutting-edge approach ensures that the candidates you bring on board aren’t just a temporary fit but a long-term asset to your organization.

Minimized Operational Downtime: Reduced commercial downtime is a crucial advantage in today’s fast-paced business world. With our streamlined process, you’ll experience minimal disruptions to your operations, ensuring that your business stays uninterrupted and competitive.

💰 Optimized Hiring Costs: We understand that managing your recruitment budget is essential. With our approach, you’ll witness a significant reduction in the overall cost of hiring. By eliminating inefficiencies and focusing on the best-fit candidates, we help you get the most out of your recruitment budget.


We deliver a 12-month retention rates of 96%, versus 70-80% industrywide. our incentive is your long-term success.

The next time you’re evaluating recruiters, look beyond slick pitches. Ask about their retention rates. Prioritize fit over speed. And align with recruiters invested in your organization’s growth – not just their next commission check.

The right recruiter-client relationship can transform hiring success. To learn about our consultative approach and industry-leading retention rates, contact Alexander Executive Search today.