We’ve all been there. You and your team spend weeks reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates for a critical executive role. Everyone seems qualified on paper, yet you can’t reach consensus on the best hire.

Without clear reasons, some favor Candidates A and C, while others prefer B and D. In the end, you reject the entire shortlist and start over from scratch.


Where did things go wrong?

In most cases, it boils down to one neglected question: What behavioral traits and personality attributes are you seeking?

Before beginning the search, recruiters need to understand the ideal behaviors and temperament required for success in the role and organizational culture. This information ensures they identify prospects who are both skilled and a strong cultural fit.

Yet often this crucial question goes unasked. Recruiters focus solely on skills and experience. As a result, hiring managers receive a batch of talented candidates but struggle to determine who fits best.

The solution is simple – conduct a behavioral job survey before starting the search. This questionnaire aligned hiring managers and decision makers on ideal behaviors, motivations and fit.

With a clear picture of behavioral requirements, recruiters can source better candidates. And hiring teams can evaluate prospects objectively against defined criteria.

Don’t waste more time and effort on fruitless searches. Initiate a job survey for your next executive opening. The small upfront investment will pay dividends through successful hiring outcomes.

Take the guesswork out of your executive recruitment. Contact Alexander Executive Search today to arrange a complimentary job survey tailored to your needs.