When it comes to talent acquisition, do you truly know your full costs? Many organizations don’t consider the complete picture. But poor hiring decisions can have a tremendous financial impact.

That was the eye-opening revelation when we introduced a client to our proprietary Bad Hire CalculatorTM. By quantifying the multifaceted expenses of both good and bad recruitment outcomes, it provided perspective they had never seen before.

The Bad Hire CalculatorTM was inspired by a 2017 study called “Perfect Match” by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. This landmark report revealed essential truths about the price of mismatched hires that had long gone unmeasured.

Our innovative tool brought these insights to life. For the first time, organizations had a scientifically-driven model to calculate the tangible costs of their talent acquisition efforts.

The Bad Hire CalculatorTM sheds light on factors many overlook:

  • Wasted salaries for poor performers
  • Recruiter fees for replacements
  • Disrupted productivity of teams
  • Lost opportunities from being understaffed
  • Increased turnover of stressed employees

Adding it all up spotlights the massive financial toll of making the wrong hire. But more importantly, it focuses the conversation on solutions to dramatically reduce recruiting costs through improved hiring practices.

Every business wants to believe their recruitment strategy is sound. But statistics paint a different picture. Using the Bad Hire Calculator’sTM quantifiable data makes the case for change unavoidable.

If you seek concrete insights into your talent acquisition costs, the Bad Hire CalculatorTM is a must. Access it today and let the numbers reveal how much poor hiring is truly costing you. Then let’s discuss how to drive better recruitment outcomes.

Experience the power of the Bad Hire Calculator™ firsthand. Try it out for free today. Your journey to a more informed and cost-effective talent acquisition approach begins here.