For engineering firms looking to push boundaries and leave an enduring legacy, acquiring visionary leadership is vital. However, the traditional hiring tactics serving up endless piles of resumes produce mixed results at best. In an era where convergent technical expertise and softer leadership skills are both paramount, a fundamentally new recruitment philosophy is required.

At Alexander Executive Search, our AES system is revolutionizing how engineering organizations identify, evaluate, and onboard elite professionals primed to elevate performance and propel innovation. Through data-driven processes, advanced candidate assessments, and human-led insights, AES has rendered antiquated hiring methods obsolete.

Precision Candidate Mapping and Targeting Rather than sifting through databases of active job seekers, AES leverages advanced talent mapping tactics to reveal the entire universe of qualified engineering candidates – active and passive across your full competitive landscape. This holistic market illumination ensures you source from the broadest, highest-caliber professional pool.

Multidimensional Candidate Evaluation The AES system moves far beyond mere resume screening through multifaceted candidate assessments meticulously designed for today’s engineering roles:

  • Virtual Video Interviews – Get an early read on candidates’ communication abilities and executive presence
  • Skills Assessments – Hands-on exercises validating technical mastery and project aptitudes
  • Cultural Interviews – Identify individuals naturally aligned with your firm’s leadership philosophies
  • Psychometric Profiling – Scientifically evaluate traits like problem-solving, innovation, and change management
  • Referential Data – Insights from calculations, code samples, design plans, and more deliver objective competency signals

Hiring Built on Behavioral Data, Not Pedigrees With these powerful inputs, AES harnesses advanced algorithms to benchmark candidates against your highest-performing team members. The output is an objective, data-driven measure of projected performance – rather than basing decisions on resumes and pedigrees alone. The result is optimized employee-employer pairings with unrivaled 96% retention rates.

A Future-Focused Partnership Of course, modern recruitment demands more than just evaluating candidates through today’s lens. The AES system incorporates forward-looking analysis to align hires with the emerging skills and competencies engineering leaders will require. By tapping our engineers’ deep multi-disciplinary expertise and research into industry trajectory, you’ll stay ahead of the curve acquiring expertise for future-state needs.

Accelerating Time-to-Hire and ROI Beyond elevating engineering workforce quality, AES drives financial impact by streamlining archaic hiring processes. Our digitized workflow engine accelerates advanced candidates through upfront psychometric screening, peer-ranking, and expedited interview loops. With only the most qualified professionals entering final-stage evaluations, average time-to-hire drops from 6 months to just 8 weeks.

No more disruptive operational gaps from drawn-out searches. No more sunken costs from excessive mis-hires. The AES effect is transformative – turbo-charging your ability to hit the ground running with impactful hires while generating up to $100,000 per placement in cost savings compared to conventional recruiting methods.

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If you’re seeking an engineering recruitment partner capable of elevating your talent acquisition to a true force-multiplying capability, it’s time to experience the AES difference first-hand. Connect with our team today to witness this future-focused system in action and gain a permanent competitive edge attracting leadership-defining professionals.

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