When a key role becomes vacant, hiring managers have three main options: The Best Recruitment Strategy – Retained Search

  1. Assign multiple contingent recruiters
  2. Try to fill the role internally
  3. Hire a retained executive search firm

Assigning multiple contingent recruiters may seem efficient – but it is often ineffective. These recruiters only earn a fee if the role is filled, so they rush unqualified candidates to save time and make placements. You’ll get resumes, but likely not the right fit.

Filling the role internally also has flaws. While you save agency fees, valuable time is lost better spent on core responsibilities. Internal recruiters also lack the same networks and recruitment specialization.

The best option is a retained executive search firm. Retained firms are paid upfront to manage the search, allowing for a thoughtful, thorough process. They leverage well-developed networks to identify passive candidates open to new roles. And they scientifically assess candidates for culture/job fit.

You only see the final, pre-vetted options. With skin in the game, retained recruiters dedicate significantly more time per search than other options.

The choice is clear. When a business-critical role opens, hire a trusted retained search partner for quality and efficiency. Rushing the process or DIY recruiting fails to yield the same results.

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