Technology offers many potential benefits for recruiting and hiring. Online video interviewing, skills assessments, and candidate profiles can streamline the process and provide valuable insights. However, some recruiters tack on technology as a way to justify higher fees without improving outcomes.

So how can you tell if a recruiter’s tech is actually adding value? Ask these two key questions:

  1. How does this technology improve the hiring process? Listen for a clear, logical explanation tied to concrete objectives like saving time or improving quality of hire. Vague claims about “efficiency” don’t cut it.
  2. What measurable improvements does this provide? Quality technology should lead to quantifiable metrics like reduced time-to-fill, higher retention rates, or better candidate-job fit. Ask for statistics or a guarantee based on these metrics.

At our firm, we use a customized platform called Alexander Executive. Here’s how we would answer those two questions:

  1. By compiling candidate videos, assessments, and profiles in one place, Alexander Executive simplifies screening and decision making. Hiring managers can quickly review the most critical information.
  2. We track measurable results. Alexander Executive cuts our average time-to-fill by 30% and improves 12-month retention to 96%. We stand behind those numbers with a 12-month replacement guarantee.

The bottom line—you shouldn’t pay more for technology that doesn’t improve recruiting and hiring. Ask tough questions to see whether the tech delivers measurable value or just a fancy interface. Quality tools, paired with an effective strategy, make all the difference.

If you want to see the difference for yourself, request a free demonstration of Alexander Executive by calling us on

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