When it comes to discussing human capital challenges with potential clients, we often hear recurring complaints. Many employers reluctantly engage with recruiters, only to receive irrelevant resumes, waste time on unqualified candidates, and face the risk of hefty fees with no guarantees. However, it’s time to confront a harsh truth: the fault lies with the employers themselves. It is their responsibility to choose whom they engage with. Instead of complaining, it’s time to make a change.


🚀 Taking Charge of Your Recruitment Process

Successful businesses understand the importance of efficiency in all areas, including attracting, assessing, hiring, and onboarding key staff. At Alexander Executive Search, we’ve spent the past seven years refining our recruitment process, enabling us to offer clients a 12-month replacement policy. Now, let’s explore how this is possible and the pitfalls you should avoid.


Assessing the True Cost of Recruitment

Before rushing into the hiring process, it’s essential to consider the cost of getting it wrong. Ask yourself tough questions: What are the consequences if you can’t find the right person or if the process takes too long? What happens if a hire doesn’t stay or if recruiters waste your time? What are the implications of paying a recruitment fee only to start over? The consequences are often more significant than anticipated. Studies show that the average cost of a new recruit leaving within 6-12 months is 3.2 times their salary. To make informed decisions, it’s crucial to think commercially and understand the implications for your business and stakeholders. This awareness will guide you in taking proactive measures to avoid costly mistakes.


Breaking the Cycle of Inefficiency

To break free from ineffective recruitment practices, it’s crucial not to fall into the trap of doing what you’ve always done and hoping for different results. Relying on multiple recruiters operating on a “results-only” basis leads to an influx of irrelevant CVs and time wasted on unsuitable candidates. This flawed process, known as “the fastest finger first,” hinders progress. Smart hiring managers take a different approach. They professionally engage with a single established recruiter with a proven track record and in-depth knowledge of the role. This partnership allows for a more focused and successful recruitment process. At Alexander Executive Search, we follow this tried and tested approach to deliver optimal results for our clients.


Embracing a Refined Recruitment Process

At Alexander Executive Search, we have developed a refined recruitment process that ensures success and minimizes the risk of attrition. Our expertise and track record enable us to offer a 12-month replacement policy, a testament to the quality of candidates we deliver. By engaging with us, you gain access to a strategic approach, tailored assessments, and a deep understanding of your industry’s dynamics. Our process focuses on building a strong partnership, understanding your unique needs, and providing top-quality candidates who are aligned with your organization’s values and goals. By choosing a trusted and knowledgeable recruitment partner, you can overcome the challenges that have plagued your previous experiences and make significant improvements to your hiring outcomes.



It’s time to take ownership of your recruitment process. Blaming recruiters for past disappointments will not lead to progress. By recognizing the importance of proactive engagement and selecting a trusted partner, you can revolutionize your hiring outcomes. Break free from outdated practices and embrace a refined recruitment process with Alexander Executive Search that ensures the right fit and minimizes attrition risks. At Alexander Executive Search, we are committed to delivering exceptional results, backed by a 12-month replacement policy. Book some time with us to learn more about our process and discover how it can make a significant difference to your business. Don’t settle for mediocrity; take control of your recruitment and book a call with us.

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