If you’re plagued by the revolving door of talent, constantly backfilling vacant roles due to Employee churn, it’s time to experience a revolutionary new solution: AES by Alexander Executive Search. This game-changing recruitment methodology was purpose-built to solve the retention riddle once and for all.

AES takes a holistic, multidimensional approach to identifying candidates primed for long-term success and cultural assimilation at your company. By combining advanced candidate assessments, in-depth referential insights, and individualized role mapping, we circumvent the pitfalls of conventional hiring:

⚡ Video Introductions – Go beyond flat resumes with personal video profiles allowing you to evaluate communication skills and presence from the start.

⚡ Guided Competency Evaluations – Custom-tailored assessments put candidates’ skills and experience to the test based on your unique role criteria.

⚡ Psychometric Profiling – Scientifically measure the behavioral traits, motivations, and drivers that forge an ideal long-term fit for your organization.

⚡ Stakeholder-Aligned Hiring – Our consultative process ensures all decision makers are aligned on prioritized competencies from day one.

⚡ Exhaustive Market Searches – Gain access to the complete universe of qualified active and passive candidates across all channels.

The impact? An unheard-of 97% 12-month employee retention rate for all AES placements. We’re so confident in our ability to secure lasting contributors, that we back every hire with a 12-month replacement guarantee.

It’s simple math – higher retention equals lower turnover costs, more continuity, and a bigger ROI on your talent investments. Why let suboptimal hiring processes drain productivity and profitability any longer?

See how our proven retention-first recruitment strategies can finally eradicate hiring headaches from your organization. Contact the AES team to experience a transformative new approach focused on long-term workforce stability and success.

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