Welcome to Alexander Executive Search, where we are revolutionizing Civil Engineering Recruitment through our partnership-focused approach. Specializing in hard-to-find skill sets within Civil Engineering, Construction, and finance, we’re an expert search recruitment agency with a global reach. With offices in London, UK, and New York, USA, we cater to clients worldwide, delivering tailored solutions to meet your project needs.

Our recruitment process goes beyond the traditional, incorporating multiple scientific and objective evaluation layers. This meticulous approach ensures that we identify the perfect match for your projects, confidently driving them toward success.

Our adaptability and responsiveness to the complexities of the modern professional landscape sets us apart. Unlike outdated, one-dimensional recruitment methods, our multi-dimensional approach addresses the nuances of the 21st century, guaranteeing the most suitable talent for your endeavors.

Why Choose Alexander Executive Search?

In the competitive realm of Civil Engineering recruitment, finding the right partner is paramount. With a legacy rooted in successful search placements, we’re renowned for assisting clients in making informed decisions and securing ideal candidates on the first attempt. Our success is evident through:

  • Industry-leading retention rates of 96%
  • A complimentary replacement policy extending up to 12 months, offering peace of mind with minimal risk
  • Potential savings of over $100,000 per hire through enhanced retention rates and reduced commercial downtime
  • Streamlined time-to-hire with candidate pre-assessments, optimizing your interview-to-hire ratio and expediting the hiring process

We lead with insights, leveraging our unique positioning to grasp trends and insights within the recruitment sector. Our tailored solutions prepare you for the future, ensuring competitiveness and success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Partner with Alexander Executive Search today and see how we are Revolutionizing Civil Engineering Recruitment. Let us be your trusted ally in acquiring top talent and driving your projects to new heights of excellence.


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