For years, resumes have served as the gateway to job interviews and offers. But with over 55% of candidates admitting to embellishments and outright lies on their resumes, it’s time to re-evaluate this document as an effective screening tool.


From inflated titles and skills to fudged compensation and education, resumes often showcase aspirational or exaggerated versions of the truth. While some resume “enhancements” may seem harmless, they obscure candidates’ real experiences and capabilities.


This prevalence of embellishments raises concerns about resumes as the sole basis for determining interview-worthiness. They provide limited perspective and leave employers vulnerable to misrepresentation.


At Alexander Executive Search, we’ve addressed this through a three-tier scientific candidate evaluation, developed with guidance from assessment experts McQuaig.


This process delves into behavioral traits, cognitive abilities, and motivations to form a comprehensive profile. We go beyond the glossy veneer of resumes to uncover candidates’ genuine potential and fit.


The results speak volumes. With this rigorous approach, our success rate in securing top talent has reached an impressive 96% – backed by a 12-month replacement guarantee.

In today’s murky landscape of resume exaggerations, employers deserve clarity and candidates deserve to be evaluated on merit alone. Our multilayered assessment process offers a blueprint for enlightened, evidence-based hiring in the modern age.

To learn more about our scientific approach to candidate selection, contact Alexander Executive Search today. It’s time to go beyond resumes to reveal the people and potential within.

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