So, you’ve got a recruiter on your side, and they’ve convinced you that they’re the cream of the crop. But Is Your Recruiter Truly Meeting Your Needs?

The simple fact is, any recruiter who has won your business has positioned themselves as the best recruiter – after all, they’ve secured you as a client. However, the real question isn’t about their prowess in salesmanship; it’s about whether they excel at the art of recruiting.

Mismatched Goals

Here’s where the friction often arises between recruiters and employers, and why the recruitment industry sometimes doesn’t enjoy the best reputation. You and your recruiter have different definitions of success.

You see success as finding a new hire who adds genuine value to your business. You want a candidate who aligns with your company’s culture, contributes to its growth, and stays for the long haul.

Recruiters, on the other hand, often measure success by the number of placements they make and the fees they earn. They’re driven to act quickly to secure candidates and fulfill their monthly targets.

The misalignment between your goal of securing a high-quality hire and your recruiter’s need for speed can lead to challenges.

The Allure of Short-Term Gains

Consider it like working with an insurance broker. Initially, you’re focused on obtaining a good, affordable insurance plan, and the broker wants you to select one of their recommended policies to earn a commission. The potential headaches of dealing with an insurer down the line don’t enter the picture at this stage.

In recruitment, it can be similar. Your business is short-staffed, and you urgently need to fill a vacancy. Your recruiter feels the pressure to place a candidate quickly to meet their monthly targets.

The long-term implications, such as the candidate’s fit within your organization or their potential departure after just a few months, might take a back seat to the urgency of the moment.

What Happens Next?

Inevitably, the new hire may not be a perfect fit, and they decide to leave after a short period. This scenario can result in:

  1. Your business facing another staffing gap.
  2. Wasted money on salary and onboarding.
  3. Disruption to your operations.
  4. A return to your recruiter, who stands to earn another fee.

Feeling Ripped Off?

Given these circumstances, you might start to wonder if your recruiter is taking you for a ride. Are they genuinely acting in your best interests, or are you being shortchanged?

The truth is, very few recruiters are maliciously trying to exploit you. Instead, this experience often reflects a flawed business model that prioritizes speed over quality.

From your perspective, the best recruiter is the one who finds a highly qualified candidate who stays in the role for years. Everything else, such as low fees, vast networks, and quick results, is secondary.

Seeking Quality Over Speed

Recruiters often boast about their competitive prices, extensive networks, and rapid delivery. While these factors have their merits, they pale in comparison to the importance of finding the right long-term fit for your business.

Without this crucial element, you’ll find yourself on the recruitment merry-go-round far too frequently.

What to Ask Your Recruiter

Much like assessing an insurance provider’s track record of paying out when needed, you have every right to question your recruiter’s track record of candidate retention. If their answer falls below 90% or if they can’t provide a satisfactory response (often citing retention as beyond their control), it’s time to reevaluate your partnership.

Your recruiter may not be intentionally ripping you off, but you can certainly aim for better results.

Our recruitment strategy consistently achieves an impressive retention rate of approximately 97% after 12 months.

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