Introducing Alexander Executive Search Limited: Revolutionizing Executive Search and Selection

When it comes to executive search and selection, Alexander Executive Search Limited is not your typical firm. Over the past six years, we have distinguished ourselves by leveraging cutting-edge technology, resulting in phenomenal success rates and guaranteed results for our clients.

Our team of expert consultants specializes in specific industries within the construction and Infrastructure sectors. Through strategic headhunting and networking strategies, we excel in locating and placing exceptional professionals within industrial organizations. Our core placements range from Assistant Quantity Surveyors to Head of Infrastructure including board-level positions.


However, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to delivering unparalleled value and service: Introducing Alexander Executive Search: Revolutionizing Executive Search and Selection


  • Unmatched Retention Rates: Our refined research process ensures that an impressive 96% of the candidates we place are still employed after 12 months. Our clients consistently report that this retention rate surpasses that of other executive search firms.
  • Comprehensive Market Mapping: We undertake in-depth “market-mapping” exercises to identify all potential candidates currently working in the industry. By going beyond existing data, we provide you with a comprehensive pool of top talent.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee: We remove any risk from the hiring process by offering a 100% money-back guarantee if a candidate leaves within one month. Additionally, we provide a free replacement service if a candidate departs within 12 months
  • Streamlined Pre-Screening Process: Our meticulous pre-screening ensures that you receive a shortlist of only 4-6 candidates who are ideally suited to the role. This significantly reduces the time and effort required on your end to complete the hiring process
  • Innovative Alexander Executive System: Our unique proprietary system, the Alexander Executive System (AES), allows for fast and convenient candidate review. It delivers comprehensive online profiles that can easily be shared with your colleagues anywhere in the world.
  • Deep Understanding of Commercial Roles: With our specialization in placing Commercial candidates, we possess an intimate understanding of your requirements. We pride ourselves on sourcing exceptional individuals who are often already making waves within your industry and working for your competitors.
  • Global Reach: While we are particularly strong in the UK and USA markets, we have established strategic partnerships worldwide, enabling us to source top talent from various regions.


At the heart of our outstanding and guaranteed results lies our AES system. Gone are the days of inconsistently-formatted CVs. Instead, AES offers a comprehensive online profile that includes


Executive Summary

Additional role-specific information written by your designated Account Manager, providing deeper insights beyond the CV.

Personal Video Introduction

A video introduction personally recorded by each candidate, allowing you to form a first impression early in the process.

Key Competency Questionnaire

An assessment based on critical information you provide, helping you assess practical suitability before engaging with the candidate.

McQuaig Behavioural Assessment

By identifying the candidates’ drivers, we provide a comparison with your existing top performers, reducing subjectivity in your hiring decision.

Competency Benchmark Graph

A visual snapshot allowing you to compare candidates’ strengths relative to their expected salary..

Candidate References

Upfront references from past employers, colleagues, and customers provide valuable insights into the candidate’s capabilities.

Key Facts

A summary of candidate qualifications, awards, and other essential information.

Original CV

To complete the profile, a digital version of the original CV is included.


While a written description cannot fully capture the power of the AES system, we are confident that once you witness it in action, every other recruitment process you have encountered will seem hopelessly outdated in comparison.

Choose Alexander Executive Search Limited for a truly transformative executive search and selection experience. Contact us today to see how we can help you secure exceptional talent and drive your organization’s success to new heights.