Let’s address the elephant in the room: the recruitment industry doesn’t always have the best reputation. But here’s the truth – not all recruiters are created equal. And if you’re experiencing frustration with your recruiter, it’s essential to understand why.

Let’s start with what might be one of the biggest culprits: the “contingency contract”. This setup, where recruiters are only paid upon successful candidate placement, sounds appealing on the surface. After all, you only pay for results, right? How Your Recruiter May Be Sabotaging Your Success?


In reality, this model often leads to a race to the bottom. Recruiters are incentivized to deliver candidates quickly rather than thoroughly. The result? A pool of mediocre candidates, hastily selected to meet deadlines rather than fit your company’s needs.

Imagine you’re a recruiter. You spend weeks carefully curating a shortlist of top-notch candidates, only for the client to reject the list or delay the hiring process indefinitely. It’s a significant investment of time and effort with no guaranteed return.

So, what’s the solution?

It starts with rethinking your approach to recruitment. Instead of settling for subpar candidates through contingency contracts, consider a different strategy:

  1. Provide comprehensive job briefs: Clearly outline your expectations and requirements.
  2. Conduct wide-ranging market searches: Cast a broad net to identify the best talent.
  3. Perform deep candidate assessments: Evaluate candidates beyond their resumes.
  4. Deliver highest-quality shortlists: Present only the most suitable candidates for your consideration.

By prioritizing quality over speed, you can ensure that your recruiter becomes a true partner in your business’s growth and success.

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