Unveiling the Top 8 Most Common Falsehoods Found on CVs: Exposing the Truth: The Astonishing Reality of CV Fabrication

1️⃣ Work History: A Journey of Embellishments
2️⃣ Skill Set Inflation: The Expertise Mirage
3️⃣ Academic Attainment: Unveiling Diploma Deceptions
4️⃣ Fudged Personal Particulars: Age, Location, Alias
5️⃣ High School Fibs: Tales from the Secondary Side
6️⃣ Concealed Compensation: The Salary Stretch
7️⃣ Illusory Tech Prowess: Navigating Software Mirage
8️⃣ Fictional Recommendations: Crafting Employer Endorsements

But is the CV a Reliable Litmus Test for Interview Worthiness?


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