A recruiter serves as the face and voice of your company to hundreds of job candidates. It’s critical that they portray your employer brand in a positive, professional manner. Yet unfortunately, many fall short. Do You Know How Your Recruiter Represents Your Brand?

Through cold calls, impersonal emails, lack of follow through and misrepresentation, some recruiters turn off qualified talent and leave them with negative associations that transfer to your organization.

As a hiring manager, you cannot overlook this. Your talent acquisition strategy is an extension of your marketing and public relations efforts. Each recruitment campaign represents an opportunity to boost awareness, understanding and goodwill around your company mission.

Or, in the hands of a thoughtless recruiter, it represents a risk of turning away top candidates and degrading your reputation.

It’s time to evaluate if your current recruitment process aligns to and uplifts your desired brand image. Start by finding a recruiter who recognizes your hiring needs go beyond just filling roles.

An ideal partner will have strategies in place to ensure each candidate takeaway paints an accurate, ethical and compelling picture of your workplace culture and values. This starts with basics like prompt and personalized communication as well as transparency around opportunities, expectations and process.

Additionally, look for a recruiter focused on diversity recruiting and positive candidate experiences. In today’s market, inclusiveness and empathy aren’t just “nice-to-haves” but baseline elements of an attractive employer brand.

In the war for talent, reputation matters. Don’t leave it solely in the hands of an unchecked recruiter. Let’s discuss how to better monitor, guide and leverage your talent acquisition to reinforce the stellar workplace you aim to be.

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