Hiring the wrong candidate can greatly impact your bottom line. But many organizations fail to realize the full financial toll of a bad recruitment decision.

At Alexander Executive Search, we developed the Bad Hire Calculator to quantify the multifaceted costs associated with a mis-hire beyond just recruitment fees and salary expense. Factors like:

  • Lost productivity
  • Negative customer experiences
  • Increased employee turnover
  • Additional management time

All add up to significant hidden costs from a bad hire. Our calculator tallies the total ripple effects over time, including:

  • Wasted recruitment expenses
  • Training costs
  • Reduced team output
  • Lost revenue opportunities
  • Replacement hiring costs
  • Disruption to operations

The results often surprise organizations, spotlighting the massive financial drain from seemingly small hiring mistakes. But more importantly, it focuses your team on solutions to avoid bad hires through:

  • Enhanced screening processes
  • Comprehensive competency evaluations
  • Assessing motivations and fit
  • Scientifically validated assessments
  • Guidance from hiring experts

With better insights into your true talent acquisition costs, you can refine strategies to reduce hiring risk and protect your bottom line.

Contact Alexander Executive Search today for a free Bad Hire Calculator consultation. Let’s uncover your real cost of mis-hires and forge solutions to optimize hiring success.



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Bad Hire Calculator (Try it for free)